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How Do I Replace Light Bulbs in a Tall Ceiling?


light bulbs in tall ceiling resized 600To replace light bulbs in a tall ceiling requires some ingenuity.  Most people think they need to get a tall ladder and start the balancing act. In some cases, that may be the only way.

You might first try a telescoping pole. You can buy or rent these and you can attach a variety of tools on the end of them. For flood lights, which have a large semi-flat face on them, a suction cup works well as the attachment. The suction cup screws onto the end of the pole and it has a string attached to release the bulb. Make sure the surface of the suction cup is dust-free. You might spray a little glass cleaner on the end of it to make sure. This will make it so that when the cup contacts the bulb, they actually stick well together. You can untwist the old bulb and place a new one on the cup and screw it back into the socket in the ceiling. Pull the string to release the suction cup from the bulb.

For other bulbs you can buy different attachments. There is an attachment that slips over the bulb to grip it. The opening on this is smaller than the bulb, so you need to push it onto the bulb and then it grips it. From there you can twist the bulb out.

So what if the bulbs are beyond the reach of the telescoping pole? You can use a small ladder along with the pole, but use common sense here…you don’t want to be teetering on top of the ladder with pole in your hand. Depending on the number of bubs, you may be faced with setting up scaffolding or even renting a lift.


Replacing Florescent Light Bulbs


florescent light bulbsReplacing florescent light bulbs sure seems like a no-brainer. There are a few different styles of bulbs and several different connections that might cause some confusion.

To access the light bulbs, you usually have to remove the plastic lens cover. With that gone you will have the bulbs ready to remove. The bulbs will either have 2 pins on each end or a rounded hub. These make contact with the electricity and illuminate the bulb.

Look at the connections where the ends of the bulbs meet the fixture. If you see a slot at the bottom of the connector, rotate the bulb until you see a pin. Look at each end of the bulb to make sure you see a pin at the bottom of each connector. At this point the pins will be in the 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions. Gently pull the bulb out of the fixture.

The other style has a small metal hub on each end. These are held in place by a spring in one of the connectors. Push the bulb to one side to retract the spring, pull the other side of the bulb out, and remove the bulb.

Make sure you buy the correct florescent bulb. There are many diameters and sizes, but it should be pretty obvious.

To reinstall the bulbs just reverse the procedure. With the pin-style, make sure both pins are into the connector before you try to twist it. If not, you can damage the connector and/or the bulb.

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