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Handyman says Check your Drip Emitters Regularly


handyman drip emitter resized 600You don’t need to be a handyman to see that some plants in your landscaping may be dying.  I was walking up to a customer’s house and noticed that a large plant was turning yellowish brown. It obviously had been healthy at some point because it was large and robust like the other plants surrounding it. Turning on the water told the story.

The plant was dry and digging around the base I found two drip emitters that were not emitting water. By the way, it is a great idea to install more than one emitter per plant just in the event one of them fails. At least the other emitter will keep the plant alive. I guess it was just bad luck that both emitters were not working here.

In this case you can either clean the emitters up and test that they are working properly, or just replace them with new ones. They are held in place by barb fittings (there is no glue used here), and they just pull off of the tube and push back on. If you want to take apart the drip emitters, the flag emitters are really not made to be taken apart, but the button drippers can be unscrewed and cleaned up.



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