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Handyman Tip for a Loose Mirror


handyman mirrorThis is a handyman tip that works well with large wall mirrors. These mirrors generally span a good sized area, like over two sinks and sits in a channel at the bottom. It is common that if the mirror will get loose, it will likely happen at one of the top corners.

Mirror mastic is applied to the back of the mirror and then pushed against the wall, but this gets difficult if the mirror is already against the wall. You can probably take your finger and pull the mirror out from the wall only a fraction of an inch. So you can adapt a tube of mastic to fit your needs. You can buy a tube of mastic that fits in a caulking gun and snip the tip off. The tip is far too stiff to work into the small area behind the mirror. Buy some small lengths of hose (doesn’t matter what kind just so long as they are flexible) to put over the end of the tip of the tube. I’ve seen people use duct tape to hold on a flexible tube. It’s not pretty, but the goal here is to get the mastic out of the tube and into the small area between the mirror and the wall. You can buy several small lengths of hoses with different diameters so that the outside diameter of the small hose fits the inside diameter of the larger hose. In this way, one pushes into the other and can be held together with small hose clamps or even duct tape.

Squeeze the mastic out of the tube and into the hoses and point the flexible contraption where you want the mastic to go. When you’ve got a good glob of it back there, you can screw in a couple of mirror clips and be done with it.



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