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Threaded Pivot Rod Nut Broken Under Sink


sink stopper assembly resized 600If you’ve noticed that either your sink stopper won’t stay up anymore, or that you have a leak under your bathroom sink, you likely have an issue with your sink stopper. If you have a stopper that won’t stay up, you can typically tighten the nut slightly at the rear of the drain assembly, and the extra pressure will help the stopper to stay in place.

In some cases though, the nut (actually it is a cap) will corrode and crack, break, or generally leak and cause problems. If you get to that point, it is probably time to replace the entire drain assembly, because chances are good that there is other unseen damage as well. You won’t really be able to tell what failed until you get a good look at the threads on the assembly and the cap.

You can try to clean up the threads on either part, but generally it is easier to clean up the male threads on the assembly than it is the female threads on the cap nut. I don’t think you will have much luck finding just a cap nut to buy, as you typically have to buy more parts than is necessary. You can certainly buy an entire drain assembly, which includes the cap nut, but if you are going to buy all those parts, you may as well install the entire assembly.



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