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Lock Stationary Double Door to Threshold


double door boltDouble doors can be challenging to secure. It seems that there is always some play in the middle of the doors as there isn’t a jamb for the swinging door to latch into. So because these doors are large and don’t have a fixed jamb, they do tend to move slightly. This could also cause some movement and the weatherstrip may have gaps, so be on the lookout.

Of the two doors that make up the opening, the stationary door locks into the top head jamb and the bottom threshold. With the stationary door secured, the swinging door latches into the stationary door. So the key is to get the stationary door nice and secure.

On the edge of the stationary door is the astragal. Built into the astragal are sliding bolts built into either end. The top bolt slides into a hole in the head jamb, and the bottom bolt slides into a hole in the threshold. If you really ream out the holes you are going to have more play in the door. So really you want the hole to be just slightly larger than the diameter of the bolt, but not so large that the looseness allows the door to move.

At worst case, you can add a barrel bolt to the top and bottom of the door to stop it from moving.



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