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Cool Wire Hook For Picture Hanging


picture hanging wire hookThere are lots of slick gadgets out there to hang pictures. One I really like is a wire hook that resembles a giant fish hook. Plus it can hold 150 pounds. No wall studs are necessary here. In fact, you won’t be able to use a wire hanger if a stud is in the way. In that case you can use traditional hanging methods.

For heavy pictures, these wire hooks frequently come with the picture. Otherwise you can pick them up at a home center. The wire is stiff and has a sharpened point on the shank end.

Once you have determined where you will insert the hook, hold the chiseled point to the drywall and gently push while you twist. The point will dig through the drywall. You will feel no resistance when the point breaks through the back of the drywall and enters the wall cavity. Push the hook into the wall cavity so that the point rises up and contacts the drywall on the interior of the wall cavity. Once the point arcs around and touches the back of the drywall directly above the hook, you are done. Then you can simply hang the picture on the hook. These are fast indeed. If you need to remove it, you only have a small hole to fill, rather than a screw hole.


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