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Plumbing Repair Break With A Telescoping Fitting


plumbing telescoping fittingIf you have a PVC plumbing pipe break there are several options to fix it. One of the coolest is the telescoping fitting. A telescoping fitting does just what its name implies...it telescopes out to repair the pipe.

When you have a crack in a PVC pipe, such as a sprinkler pipe, you can cut the damaged section out of the pipe. You will need to cut out an area large enough to get the fitting in. The fitting is somewhat large. It will be larger in diameter than the pipe and it will be fairly long, which allows it to telescope. Most of these fittings will telescope out 3-4 inches, so you have a good amount of play with errors. The fitting itself will be 4 inches or so depending on the repair.

With the section of the pipe cut out squarly, remove the burrs from the ends of each pipe. Collapse the fitting and glue it to one side of the pipe. Loosen the nut in the middle of the fitting and pull the other side of the fitting out to mate with the other end of the broken pipe. Use primer and PVC glue for each side. Tightening the nut in the middle of the fitting will compress a rubber O-ring and seal out any leaks.


I have the professionals handle all my plumbing repair.
Posted @ Monday, October 03, 2011 2:12 AM by Plumbing Repair Contractor Cary
This post need more content you made it very short. A newbie can't understand a single word in it.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 6:28 AM by Costa Mesa Plumbing
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