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Bathroom Sink Stopper Won’t Move


bathroom sink stopperIf your sink stopper in your bathroom sink won’t raise back up, you likely have a broken pivot rod in the drain assembly. The sink stopper is plastic, and the pivot rod is made of metal. The pivot rod corrodes and the end, which is subjected to the stress of raising and lowering the sink stopper, breaks off. Gravity takes over and the sink stopper falls into the sink drain which stops the sink from draining.

This can all be corrected by replacing the pivot rod. The pivot rod goes through the end of the stopper on one side. The other side is connected to the handle on top of the faucet. When you lift the handle, the pivot rod engages the stopper and pulls it down to stop the flow of water. Pushing the handle down raises the stopper and allows water to pass.

You will have to disconnect the pivot rod from the handle and unscrew the cap nut that holds the pivot rod to the drain assembly. Pull the old one out and place the new pivot rod into the hole making sure to engage the sink stopper. You may have to slightly raise the stopper to engage it. Replace the cap nut and reconnect the lift handle and your problems should be solved.



Hey, thanks for the instructions, I was able to pull out the sink stopper and remove a ton of nastiness... and that partially solved the problem. If I get brave next week maybe I'll learn how to take apart the rest to see how fast I can get that baby to drain. Thanks again!
Posted @ Thursday, July 07, 2011 9:04 PM by LA
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