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Install A Single Handle Kitchen Faucet In Place Of A Two Handled One


This is surprising to be, but it’s a common question. “Can Ikitchen faucet replace my 2 handled kitchen faucet (or bath faucet) with a faucet with only one handle. The answer is yes.

The vast majority of faucets are made to fit into a standard sink. The sink probably has three holes in it to connect whichever type of faucet you want. If you currently have a faucet with two handles, the outside holes will allow water supply lines to connect directly to the handles. The center hole will be for if you have a kitchen faucet sprayer with a pull-out spout, as the spout hose will connect there.

If you have a single handled faucet, the deck plate on it will cover the outside two holes. Basically the footprint of both types of faucets are the same and so you can install whichever type you like.

There are some high-end single handle faucets that don’t have a deck plate, and instead mount in a single hole. It would look very odd if you mounted one of these in a three-hole sink without making allowances for something that looks intentional, such as a soap dispenser or maybe a lotion dispenser. Here is some information in a kitchen faucet installation.


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