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Replacing Toilet Flapper Fixes A Broken Handle


Usually when someone tells metoilet flapper that his toilet handle is broken, it’s not really the toilet handle that is broken. It is usually the chain. Over time, the chain will either corrode and break or the chain will pull out of the rubber flapper. Either way, when you push down on the handle, you get little resistance. You can feel that the flapper is not being lifted to flush the toilet.

The solution here is to remove the toilet tank lid and see what has happened. If the flapper is torn and the chain is no longer attached to it, you will need a new flapper. The flapper will come with a chain and it needs to be attached to the handle and adjusted, and you are back in business.

If the chain is corroded and broken you will need a new chain, but since these come with a new flapper, buy a new one and install it. The old flapper will lift off of the ears on either side of the flush tube and the new one snaps right back down on it. You are going to have to play with the chain to get the length right. Hook the chain on the end of the toilet handle so that there is a little slack in it. Flush the toilet and see how well it works. If the flapper doesn’t lift all the way up, shorten the chain. If the chain is so taut that the flapper doesn’t completely stop the water from exiting the tank, lengthen the chain.


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