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Toilet Snake Still Not Working? Try This


toilet snakeSometimes nothing seems to work when unclogging a toilet. You've plunged it over and over and still it doesn't seem to work. Even the toilet snake won't clear whatever is blocking it. I've pulled a lot of unusual things out of toilets...things that have no business being in toilets like pens, eyeglasses, toys, etc. Pens and eyeglasses typically fall out of a shirt pocket when a male bends over to lift the lid of the toilet. You would never see these items by looking down into the toilet bowl. Rather, they get caught in the trapway, which is beyond where you can see.

Small, thin items can cause a lot of frustration. They hide along the trap and occasionally will stop waste from flowing down the drain. Sometimes the only thing to do is remove the toilet from the floor and snake it from underneath the toilet, which is the reverse of how you would normally do it.

Once you drain and remove the toilet, gently set it on it's side. Push the snake up through the bottom of the toilet until it comes out of the bowl. Be careful at this point because you can scratch the bowl. Tie an old rag onto the end of the snake and pull the snake back through. The rag will fill the trapway and should bring out the blockage with it. As a last resort you can put on a rubber glove and see if you can grab the obstruction from the bottom of the toilet.


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