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Attic Ladder Solves Your Storage Problems


attic ladderWe all accumulate a certain amount of junk over time and need storage space. Your options for storage space are garage cabinets, overhead racks, a rental storage unit, an attic ladder, or even a garage sale. Garage cabinets are expensive and take up valuable floor space, a rental unit is a recurring expense, overhead rack systems are great but can leave the space feeling a little closed-in or claustrophobic. An attic ladder will take several hours to install, but the finished product is hidden, doesn't affect the size or appearance of the room, and is likely the least expensive option.

Installing an attic ladder takes moderate carpentry skills. Here is a link on how to install an attic ladder. Depending on how your roof was constructed, you may have very little space, or you may be able to walk into it like a room addition. On my old house I installed an attic ladder and I could walk from one end of the attic to the other (and I'm 6'2"). I also ran some lights in there and installed a light switch at the opening. The amount of storage space up there was incredible. Plus it's a great place to store holiday decorations and hide Christmas presents!


Thank goodness I was able to find a site as informative as yours! It's a great reading all these posts.
Posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 9:02 AM by Scott Merritt
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