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Dishwasher Installation Is Loose? Just Screw It In!


dishwasher installationHave you ever gone to open your dishwasher and the whole thing about pulls out of the counter? Well if so, you're not alone. Maybe it was the result of a poor dishwasher installation. It is a pretty simple fix that you and your trusty screwdriver can remedy.

Your dishwasher is secured to the underside of the counter by two screws. If you carefully open the door (so that the entire dishwasher doesn't tip out of the opening) you will see 2 brackets jutting out of the top of the unit. These brackets have holes in them for screws.

Once you place the dishwasher in position, simply secure it to the underside of the counter with screws. One caveat here: don't attempt to screw directly into the countertop material. You should be screwing into the sub-top which is typically made of particle board, plywood, or even cement board. If you try to screw directly into the countertop material, you risk damaging it by drilling right through the top, or even cracking some surfaces like granite.

It's probably a good time to adjust the height of your dishwasher too. The feet at the bottom turn to raise and lower the height of the unit. You can play with them for a level fit that is equidistant from all edges.


Here is how we will fix our dishwasher together. Read it and weep.
Posted @ Saturday, December 25, 2010 11:27 AM by cary
this is forthright and realy nicely written, making it easy for me to fix this minor issue witout sitting on the phone with abt. thank god, elliott
Posted @ Saturday, December 25, 2010 11:29 AM by elliott
I'm buying a house and adding a dishwasher. The only good space it will fit though is in an island across from the sink. Where do I tap in for the drain line? I can go through the floor as it's an open basement beneath. Do I run it down, under the floor and up into the sink drain?
Posted @ Tuesday, August 28, 2012 5:44 AM by bestdishwashers2012.org
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