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Repair Water Stain on Drywall Ceiling


drywall stainWater stains on drywall look ugly. On a ceiling, it can look like a big coffee stain, while near a floor it looks somewhat lighter in color as the water can go elsewhere. Note: there are times when you may want to have a professional check to see if the water damage has led to any mold or fungus issues, which can lead to health problems in certain individuals. So be careful.

If the texture on the surface is in good shape, that is dry and doesn’t flake off when you touch it, you can probably get away with sealing the stain and painting. Use a stain sealer like Kilz or Zinsser and apply it over the stain. You may have to apply a few coats to cover the stain. Once it is dry, give it some paint. You will likely have to paint the entire wall, rather than just the stained area. By the way, the stain sealer is somewhat thicker than paint, and so you may find that your textured area becomes less textured after you apply the stain sealer. It tends to knock down the ridges of the texture.

If the texture was flaking off and the wall is dry, you can retexture the area and then paint.



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