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How To Get A Finished Grout Edge For Ceramic Tile


ceramic tile groutCeramic tile can be finished is several ways. If you are, for example, you are installing ceramic tile for a shower surround, you typically have the option of using bullnose, or round over tiles at the perimeter. This gives a nice finished look along the perimeter of the tile. If you are using a tile that doesn’t have that finished option, you will have to create your own finished look with grout.

When you have unfinished tiles along an edge, they can be unsightly. By using grout, you can create a line from the top edge of the tile, down to the surface of the wall at a 45-degree angle.

Measure the distance from the wall’s surface to the top edge of the tile. Take that distance and make a mark from the tile edge along the wall’s surface. Run a piece of painter’s tape at this distance along the perimeter of the tile’s edge so that the tape runs parallel to the tile. You will be left with a gap from the tile to the tape.

Mix up some grout and push it into the space next to the tiles vertical edge. Use a float and, holding it at a 45-degree angle, push the grout into the triangular space to create the edge. Wait until the grout starts to set up and then slowly pull the tape in one continuous piece. You will be left with a perfect grout line that covers the unfinished tile edge.


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