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Water Heater Sediment Trap


water heater sediment trapWater heaters are required to have a gas sediment trap. Many people also refer to these as a gas drip leg, but the function of these is to allow impurities and debris in the gas supply to be removed before it hits your water heater.

The sediment trap is made of black iron pipe and you will need to assemble a few pieces together to make it work. You will need a Tee fitting, a few threaded fittings, and a cap. Orient the Tee fitting so that you have an opening on the top, side, and bottom of the fitting. You will place a threaded nipple on the top of the fitting. This is where the gas supply will enter the Tee. If you are using a flexible gas supply line, it will connect at this nipple, if you are using a hard piped gas supply, it will enter the top of the Tee.

Coming out of the side of the Tee will be a threaded nipple. This will thread into the gas control valve. The “trap” will come out of the bottom of the Tee. This threaded nipple has to be a minimum of 3” long and will have a cap on the end of it. You need to use gas tape or paste on the threads to prevent gas leaks.

As gas flows into the top of the Tee, any debris will fall into the trap before it can make the 90-degree turn and enter the gas valve and burner.



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Posted @ Tuesday, July 05, 2011 5:03 PM by Trey
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