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Handyman Fix For A Cabinet Door That Won't Stay Closed


handyman catchThis handyman fix works for cabinet doors and drawers. If you have ever had a cabinet door or drawer that won't stay closed, you can try to adjust the door so that it stays closed (European hinges easily adjust this). If it is your cabinet drawers that won't stay closed, you could play with the runners...or you could use a magnetic catch.

A magnetic catch is an easy way to hold a cabinet drawer or door closed. The magnet mounts on the cabinet frame and the mating piece of metal mounts to the door or drawer itself.

A good place to mount the magnetic catch is on the underside of the top of the opening for the door or drawer. For the door, mount it to the frame farthest away fromt he hinge side. This will give maximum hold for the door. For the drawer, you can choose anywhere along the underside of the top frame.

Pre-drill 2 holes and mount the magnet with 2 screws. Screw them in until snug. Mount the mating metal plate to the inside of the door or drawer so that it lines up with the magnet. The plate is usually held in place with one screw. Make sure it is short enough so that it doesn't protrude from the door. Once everything is installed, the magnetic catch should hold the cabinet drawer or door closed. Only a minimal amount of effort should be needed to open it.

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