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Removing A Door From Its Hinges


door hingeRemoving A Door From Its Hinges

You may have occasion to replace a door or just remove it for painting, etc. Removing a door from its hinges is easy. I use a hammer and a screwdriver and its out in under a minute.

I usually start with the bottom hinge and move upwards and try to disturb the door as little as possible. When you get to the last hinge, if you are careful, you will be able to lift and move the door easily. If you remove the top hinge pin first, the door can flop over and fall when you remove the last pin.

Starting at the bottom, tap a small screwdriver into the bottom hinge pin and move the pin upwards slightly. Use a standard screwdriver and place it just under the head of the hinge pin and further tap it out of the hinge. The two halves of the hinge may be under some tension and so if you move the door slightly, you may find it easier to lift the pin out.

Once you get to the last hinge, be alert. Tap the last hinge pin about halfway out of the hinge. Hold the side of the door with one hand and lift the pin out with the other. With both hands you can hold and move the door.


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