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Handyman Repairs Wood Gate With A Turnbuckle


turnbuckleWooden gates are always in need of a handyman. The gate always seems to sag and drag on the ground. When you want to latch the gate, you have to lift up the gate and almost set it into the latch.

This is one of those jobs that can really grow. Before repairing the sagging gate, make sure that the post it is attached to is solid and plumb. If it is not, you need to make it so. This may involve removing the gate, digging out the post and adding concrete to support it, or even replacing the post if it has rotted. If the post is not solid and plumb, don’t expect the gate to operate properly for very long.

Once the post is correct, try adding a turnbuckle to square the gate and remove the sag. Attach the turnbuckle to the top of the gate’s frame at the hinge side, and the bottom of the gate on the latch side. This will be a diagonal threaded rod connected to the opposite corners. When you turn the mechanism in the middle, it will contract or relax the threaded rod. This will pull the corners together where the rod is connected. This will bring the gate back to square and should allow it to latch once again.



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