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Plumbing: How To Replace A Shower Diverter Gate


shower diverterIf you have a bathtub/shower combination, when you want the water to come out of the showerhead instead of the tub spout, you simply pull up on the tub spout diverter and the water shoots up to the shower head (for older styles there may be a separate handle in the wall for this).

The problem is that over time the gate inside the shower diverter will wear and either the gate of the entire shower diverter will need to be replaced. Replacing the shower diverter is easy, but you may be able to get a free gate from the manufacturer. By the way, the gate is the little door that blocks water from exiting the tub spout and forces it back up the riser to the showerhead.

Getting access to the gate is tricky. It is inside the end of the tub spout and you will either have to rotate the spout or practically stand on your head to work on it. You will need to disengage the bottom of the gate (it rides on the rod operated by the knob) and remove the gate. It is typically plastic and will slide off, but you may need to remove the knob too. Once you slide the new gate onto the rod, reinstall the end of the rod into the groove at the base of the tub spout. Then just turn the water on and test it.


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