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Handyman Installs Barrel Bolt Lock


handyman barrel boltInstalling a barrel bolt lock is quick and easy for any handyman. This type of lock is simply a metal shaft that is secured to the door. It slides in-and-out of a guide and, depending on how the door frame sits, can either be slid into a stationery receiving piece, or directly into the door jamb or frame itself.

These types of locks don't provide a lot of protection from an intruder, but they will make it so the door won't open. By the way, they are great for kids that are adept at opening a doorknob from going outside.

You can mount these anywhere you feel comfortable, but just make sure it is level. I like mounting the movable bolt on the door first. They usually take four screws, so use the appropriate screws for the type of door you are mounting it to. Also make sure that the bolt extends far enough into the catch or the door jamb so that it will reach and lock properly.

Once the bolt is installed you can mount the catch in the corresponding point. If you are mounting the catch to the frame or jamb, extend the bolt fully and mark the holes, where the catch will sit. Pre-drill the holes and screw it down. If the bolt will extend into the frame or jamb, put some lipstick or crayon on the end of the bolt and push it out until it hits the bolt. This will leave a mark on the jamb so that you will know where to drill the hole to receive the bolt which will lock the door.



what if the jam is offset? do you have to notch out the wood?
Posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 8:05 AM by pat
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