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Handyman Method To Silence Your Cabinet Doors


cabinet door bumpersI was at a house the other day and the customer shut her kitchen cabinet door and it slammed so loudly against the cabinet that I thought the pictures would fall from the walls. It was a bare wood-on-wood sound. I looked at her cabinets and most of the door bumpers were gone. Time for a handyman rescue.

Cabinet door bumpers are those little rubbery pads that cushion the door from slamming against the cabinet. They are usually at the top and bottom of the doors, although if it is a large door, there may also be one in the middle of the door.

I don't know if it was the finish on the cabinets or cheap door bumpers, but the majority of them were missing. The cheaper door bumpers look like felt, and the next step up in quality is a bumper that looks like a stiff foam pad.

The door bumpers I like best look like clear rubber. They are firm but absorb the impact of the door closing against the cabinet and will last. These simply are peel-and-stick, but before you install them you might want to clean off the residue from the old bumper. For a few dollars you can do the entire kitchen. By the way, they also work great on drawers.

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Posted @ Tuesday, October 04, 2011 1:48 AM by Steave
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