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Fix A Sagging Door With One Long Screw


door hingeA friend called with a door problem. His front door was sagging a little bit and he was tired of lifting it up to get it to close and latch. He is no dummy and can generally tinker with something and get it to behave.

He tried to tighten the hinges but the door was still dragging. Over time, this door had been opened and closed hundreds or thousands of times, and gravity had helped to bring the door to its knees. When a door is installed, the typical screws used are only ¾" long. This is fine for the door-to-hinge connection, but for the hinge-to-jamb connection, it is too short, particularly at the top hinge.

There are a thousand things that could go wrong with a door, and one long screw can fix many of them. After I removed one of the short screws, I used a 3-inch screw and screwed it into the top hinge of my friend's door jamb. The length of the screw is important. You want the screw to be long enough to drive through the door jamb and into the rough framing of the house. This will give plenty of force to pull the hinge, and consequently the door, snug against the jamb. Since the screw is sunk into the rough framing, there is little chance of it working its way out. This repair should last a long time.


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