Garage Door Glass Replacement

DEAR MIKE: My garage door has little oval-shaped glass windows going across the top. My problem is that one of these windows broke, and I don't know how to replace it. Any suggestions? -- Keith K.

DEAR KEITH:Your garage door has small rectangular cutouts in the top, into which fits a rectangular frame (and a rectangular piece of glass) and the template for the oval (the glass is not oval, only the template).

To remove the frame, you'll need a small standard screwdriver to pry up the trim cap. With the door closed, stand inside the garage and pry up one corner of the trim cap, then work your way around and remove all four pieces. After the last piece has been removed, the plastic frame (which holds the glass) can be removed.

Take this frame to a home center or glass shop, and have them cut a piece of glass to fit inside. The cost should be less than $10.

When you get home, place the frame face down, insert the oval template, and then put in the glass.

If you have a helper, have him stand outside the garage and hold the plastic frame (and glass) against the garage door. You'll stand inside the garage and push the trim cap back on. The frame will want to fall out until the cap is snapped back onto the frame.

If you don't have a helper, open the garage door, get a ladder and set the frame into the opening (gravity will hold it in). Start by fastening one side of the trim cap while supplying pressure to the frame with the other hand. Slide the oval template and the glass in place and continue until all four sides are secure. 

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