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Adjusting a Sink Stopper


bath sink stopperSometimes a drain isn’t slow because there is a blockage in it, rather it may be that the sink stopper is set too low and doesn’t allow much water to pass. When you pull the rod upwards to lower the stopper, it may only move a fraction of an inch. This is all easy to repair.

If you follow the lift rod downward under the sink, you will see a “V” shaped clip that holds it to a horizontal pivot rod. Squeeze the clip together and pull the vertical piece off of the horizontal rod. You should be able to move the pivot rod up and down and watch the stopper freely move up and down as well (if it doesn’t have much travel, you may have the wrong stopper in place).

Generally in this situation, you want to move the pivot rod to the next hole down from where it was. Place one leg of the clip on the horizontal pivot rod, then place the vertical lift rod on the horizontal rod, and then squeeze the clip together and place the other leg onto the horizontal rod. The tension from the clip keeps everything in place.

Test the movement of the stopper again. It should have more movement. If it still needs more adjusting, just repeat the steps until you are happy with the movement.



I found sink stopper troublesome, dirt, hair and stuff got stuck in them and it really gets messy. I would rather use something simpler.
Posted @ Sunday, June 17, 2012 8:58 PM by Ben
I have a square double cultured marble sink with no overflow drain. According to my plumber the facets (Allen and Roth) will not work because there is no 1 and 1/4" drain stopper that will work. Not even an umbrella stopper. Isn't there something that will work with my beautiful sink and faucet?
Posted @ Sunday, January 13, 2013 8:36 AM by Kim
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