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My Toilet Handle Keeps Falling Off


toilet handle install resized 600A toilet handle is a simple lever, that when depressed, lifts the flapper and allows water to rush into the toilet bowl. This flushes the waste from the toilet.

The only part that you see outside of the tank is of course the handle. But that is only part of the mechanism that causes the flush.  If your toilet handle is falling off, it is likely that the nut or threads inside the tank have corroded and the handle is loose and needs replacing.

If you remove the lid to the toilet tank, you will see the workings of the toilet. Look at the handle where it penetrates the tank. You should see a round nut that screws onto some threads on the handle. This nut pulls the toilet handle tight to the outside of the tank. When the nut cracks or corrodes, it can no longer apply the force to hold the handle to the tank.

Buy a new handle and install it. Remove the flapper chain where it connects to the handle and unscrew the nut that holds the handle to the tank (if necessary). The handle will pull right out. Insert the new handle and thread the nut onto the handle to hold it to the tank.

You will probably have to adjust the flapper chain somewhat and give the toilet a few test flushes.



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