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How To Match White Paint For Drywall Repairs


white paintMatching paint for drywall repairs is not easy. Even if you have the original paint, it probably won’t match the paint on the wall due to different factors. I can’t tell you the number of times I will ask a customer if they have the paint to match. They will say, “its just regular old white paint”. Sorry folks, there is no such thing as “regular old white paint”. There are, however, about 40 different shades of white paint to choose from. There is antique white, Navajo white, milk white, clean white, cottontail….you get the idea. Choose poorly and the wall repair will stand out. Choose wisely and your repair will disappear.

The computer matching services are pretty good so long as the machine has been calibrated. Cut a small sample from an inconspicuous area on the wall to bring in. Cut just through the painted surface so that the blade just cuts the top later of drywall paper. Peel this off and take it with you. Doing this will give you a good paint sample to match from, and you won’t have a hole to patch…only the surface and texture. Have the paint store blow the match dry right on your sample to see how far it is off. If you can see his spot on your sample you will see your drywall repair.

Once you can no longer see the paint on your sample, you have a good match. Retexture the small spot on your wall and paint the area. If you don’t have a good match, you will have to paint the entire wall to blend it in.

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