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Water On the Floor Surrounding Toilet


toiletToilet leaks can have many causes. Its pretty common that there will all of a sudden be water on the floor around the toilet. What caused it? That is for you to find out. I would start out looking at the valve on the wall and follow it up to the tank. Look carefully as water can leak very slowly. Grab some toilet paper and touch the parts with it. Toilet paper will turn wet with the slightest amount of water and so it is a good test to find the leak.

If everything appears dry at the valve and supply line, move to where the tank connects to the bowl. This is a leak prone area where either the tank bolts corrode and break, or someone leans back on the toilet and cracks the tank. Flush the toilet and check for leaks. It may be that you need to remove the toilet tank and replace the spud and bolts and washers.

If all of this appears to be water tight, you probably have to replace the wax ring and bolts. The wax ring is found underneath the toilet bowl and so you need to disconnect the water supply and physically remove the toilet from the floor. Here is an article on how to replace a toilet wax ring and bolts.


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