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Carpentry Perfection? Use A Coping Saw


carpentryIf you are installing baseboard and you come to an inside corner, you will need to join the two pieces of molding for a nice looking corner. You can use a miter saw and cut two 45-degree angles for this, or you can cope the corner.

Coping is very tedious but leaves a flawless looking corner. That’s why many crown molding installers cope the corners of these very noticeable trim pieces. Coping the joint involves cutting the exact profile of the molding into the edge of the joining piece.

If you are experienced with this, you can use a table saw and nibble out the profile, otherwise, use a coping saw.

You cut install one piece of molding along the wall and not worry about mitering the edge of it. However, on the mating piece of molding, you will need to cut an angle on it so that you can see the profile stand out. Use a coping saw and angle it back. You will need to remove enough of the material so that when you push the molding against the mating piece, it will fit like a glove.

Since the coping saw has a skinny blade, you can make tight radius cuts and then clean everything up with a file. The file will make the fine cuts so that all the curves and angles in the profile of the molding will exactly match the profile of the mating piece.



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