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Carpentry: Install Laminate Counter End Piece


carpentry counterHere's an easy carpentry job. When you install a new laminate counter top, the end will typically be unfinished. Depending on how you want the end to look you can either buy a piece of wood and finish it to match the profile of the countertop, or you can buy a piece of pre-cut laminate and stick it on the end.

The pre-cut laminate is pretty easy to install. They are sold along side the countertops and are cut to fit the profile of the countertop, including the backsplash. You can either install them prior to installing the countertop, or wait until after the counter has been installed.

The trick is to use an iron to activate the adhesive on the back of the end piece. Use an old iron and set it on a medium to medium-hot setting. Clamp the laminate piece to the end of the countertop and heat up a section of the end piece. You might find that the end piece gets a little slippery once the adhesive has been activated, so be ready to quickly move the piece back into place if this happens. Once that section has dried, move the clamps and finish the ironing. When you are done, you may need to file off some areas to get the piece to exactly match up with the countertop.



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