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Handyman Method To Support Wooden Closet Rod


closet rodIf your house was built in the last decade or so, you probably don't have to worry about calling your handyman to fix your closet rod. Many builders used the wire shelving supports and rods and they are well anchored from many different points. For those of you with a long wood rod being held up by plastic holders on each end...be afraid. Be very afraid.

This is a common call in older houses. The longer the wooden rod or the fewer supports for it, the more likely you will need to reinforce it. It seems that people have to fear of loading up a flimsy closet rod with enormous amounts of clothing, and therefore, weight. You would think that when the rod is bowing down to the floor that people would stop adding weight to it. Nope...if they can squeeze another article of clothing on the rod, then that's what they are going to do. It's funny when they are surprised that it falls down.

A typical installation for a wooden closet rod is to install a plastic holder on each end (they should be illegal to install), and a 45-degree shelf support in the center.

The repair I favor is to add a short piece of blocking (a piece of a 2"x4" works great) to each end. If you have a drill press, chuck a bit in the press to match the diameter of the rod and cut out a half-circle along the top edge of two blocks (one for each side). You can remove the plastic holders at each end and replace them with the blocks. Screw the blocks into the studs and you should be able to do pull-ups on the closet rods without them falling down.

If you don't have a drill press, use 2 small pieces of a 2"x4" and form a "V" out of them. Secure them to the wall into the studs with screws at the point the closet rod meets the wall. The closet rod should rest in the "V".



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